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Genome Evolution course

Chris Lee from UCLA holds such a course. Several interesting papers.

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Cell biology: Relays at the membrane

The Wnt signalling pathway is a major route by which the cell conveys information from its exterior to the nucleus. A gap in the sequence of signalling proteins has now been filled.

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The Neural Bases Of Complex Tool Use In Humans

The author, Dr. Scott Frey from University of Oregon gave a lecture here hosted by Michael Arbib. An interesting paper.

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Emergence of Young Human Genes after a Burst of Retroposition in Primates

retroposition has generated a significant number of new functional genes (retrogenes) in mammalian and invertebrate animal genomes.

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Differential Recruitment of Pre-mRNA Splicing Factors to Alternatively Spliced Transcripts In Vivo

distinct combinatorial sets of generic pre-mRNA splicing factors contribute to splicing outcome

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Dynamic Properties of Network Motifs Contribute to Biological Network Organization

simulation to study stability or robustness to small perturbations

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Motifs, Control, and Stability

thoughts about transcriptional regulatory network, motif, dynamics, ...

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linkage map of Bombyx mori

What can we do with this kind of traditional genetic map?

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Plasmodium protein network

The Plasmodium protein network diverges from those of other eukaryotes

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microarray & association study

Mapping determinants of human gene expression by regional and genome-wide association. Vivian G. Cheung et al

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